About Our Seeds

We offer a new direction for seed in the Northeast

Magenta Parching Corn

Magenta Parching Corn

All of our seed is certified organic, open pollinated, grown and selected to thrive here in the Northeast. There are two main ways we improve varieties that make our seed different from other seed companies.

Our first approach takes place on our three farms where we grow over half the seeds we offer. We carefully and continuously rogue each variety throughout the season, selecting for traits such as seedling vigor in the greenhouse, foliage and fruit production in the field, and taste on plate. This results in seed that has been regionally adapted for the qualities we seek in growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in the Northeast.

Our second approach is collaborating with other organic farms in the Finger Lakes. Each of these farms has unique growing and market needs. We work with each farm and farmer to customize a variety to meet these needs. We might help improve a cylindra beet for longer more uniform roots, increase the cold hardiness of fall greens, or select kale for a deeper red color and more frills. Once we have made a significant improvement on a variety, we provide a portion of that seed back to the farmer and offer the rest to you.

Additionally, we source some of our seed from other skilled organic growers throughout the Northeast. We want to be sure you always have access to the best seed for your own growing needs.


The benefits of our seeds

* Organic gardening is easier and you will be more successful with seeds that were grown in the Northeast and selected to thrive in our regional growing conditions.

* The vegetables and herbs taste freaking amazing! We always select for taste, otherwise what’s the point?

* Biodiversity is increased by growing and breeding organic, open-pollinated (non-patentable) seed.

* Seed heritage is preserved and knowledge shared when you support regional farmers who grow seed.

* Your money supports the farmers who grow non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds that represent your food values.

* You connect with a network of the best organic seed growers in our region to inspire a new direction of seed growth and distribution in the Northeast.


Transparency: where our seeds are grown and why it matters

Know your food. Know your farmer. Know your seed grower!

We share a blind faith that seed is produced by the companies selling them; this is most often not the case. Most seed is grown where the climate favors commercial dry seed production and most seed companies are distributors rather than growers.

Fruition Seeds is honored and proud to be growing seed and building a network of the best organic seed growers in our region. As you peruse our offerings, you’ll see the grower’s name and location right beside each variety grow in the Northeast. We find joy and admiration in knowing the history and origins of each seed. We hope you do, as well!


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