About Fruition Seeds

Matthew Goldfarb

Matthew Goldfarb

Matthew Goldfarb and Petra Page-Mann, co-owners and farmers of Fruition Seeds, grow certified organic, open pollinated and regionally adapted seed on three farms in the heart of the New York’s Finger Lakes region.

Petra Page-Mann

Petra Page-Mann

In Petra’s hometown of Naples we lease two phenomenal acres from Mark Adams on Hickory Bottom Road. The soil is incredible: predominantly silt loams with over 5% organic matter and a pH between 6.2 and 6.9. We are so grateful to be raising seed here! We have Mark and his decades-long chicken operation to thank for the abundance of organic matter. We also have Mark to thank for his invaluable perspective and experience.

Hickory Bottom is the site of our main facility to clean, store, germination test, pack and ship our seed.

Fifteen minutes east, we lease an acre from our friends John and Caroline Hunt at Italy Hill Produce and Hunt Country Vineyards in Branchport. The soil has more clay than our farm in Naples but is quality nonetheless; our plants are robust and resilient.

On the edge of Naples and North Cohocton – just off a little road called Eelpot – we have begun farming some beautiful muckland. We are looking forward to growing a wide variety of seed crops here as the land has excellent isolation from other produce operations.

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